About Us

What is Punchbowl?

UMD's open mic stanD-UP Show   

Welcome to Punchbowl! We are UMD's only comedy group that gives anyone an opportunity to perform! To make stand-up more accesible, performing at our shows is not exclusive to club members. ANYONE can sign up for our weekly open mics to try their hand at stand-up comedy!

our events

OPen mic nights, monthly showcases, and semester competitions

Punchbowl will host open mic nights, open for sign-up on a first-come-first-served basis, each week. Some weeks, open mics will be replaced with a showcase event with open auditions.

other events

Additionally, we will host workshops, field trips, or other comedy-related activities open to everyone! More information can be found here on our TerpLink page.

Our Team

Interested in joining our executive team? Contact us!


Ida Garfield


Ida is a senior at UMD and has been doing stand-up for about three years. In her free time she enjoys true-crime podcasts and public eavesdropping.


Anish Kodan


Anish Kodan is a 21 year old UMD student who has just started doing stand-up his junior year of college. Falling in love with watching stand-up during the pandemic has made him want to pursue it himself. He oftentimes likes to tell stories from his life and give his opinions on what’s going on in the world.


Dhilan Shah


Dhilan isn't funny, but he knows how to register a domain and put stuff on a website, so here he is! He's a Senior studying Computer Engineering at UMD.


Matthew Connell

Faculty Advisor

Matthew Connell is happy to be here. He grew up in Hilliard, Ohio, joked with Blue Pencil Comedy at Ohio University, and now he lives, laughs, and loves as a grad student in College Park. He talks and moves through his material with polished sincerity, like a camp counselor who's getting really into the campfire songs.